Clark County Takes Lead Role in Preparations, Response to Emergencies

Clark County Takes Lead Role in Preparations, Response to Emergencies

Clark County emergency managers, departments and personnel are working to ensure our community is ready to respond and recover from any impacts caused by Hurricane Hilary.

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When emergencies cross jurisdictional lines between area cities and the unincorporated County, Clark County officials are at the forefront in responding and coordinating with the state and local governments and partnering agencies. The Clark County Fire Department, through its Emergency Management Division, is operating its Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC) to facilitate well-coordinated support operations and information sharing with local, state and federal agencies, the news media and the public.

“The most important safety message we can tell the public at this time as we brace for impacts from Hurricane Hilary is to stay home if you can during this event, and don’t drive, walk or ride through flooded areas or flood control channels,” said Clark County Fire Chief John Steinbeck.

Clark County’s Public Works Department has equipment and personnel on alert to help clear areas for emergency access or repairs during storm events and to do cleanup work after the event has cleared our area. In preparation for impacts from the storm, weather service forecasts are being closely monitored. Heavy roadwork equipment is inventoried, and in some cases strategically located, where crews believe it may be most needed. Clark County’s Social Service Department also is working to clear the flood channels through HELP of Southern NV’s Mobile Outreach Team and is working on available bed space for sheltering, if needed.

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