Social Service

Social Service


To provide a safety net of human services to a growing community.

Self-sufficiency for at-risk people through a variety of services.

    Pamela Kowalski            Randy K. Reinoso        Teresa Etcheberry
   Deputy Director
               Deputy Director           Deputy Director

County Social Service (CCSS) provides a variety of services for disadvantaged residents of Clark County who are not assisted by other state, federal or local programs. Social Service is responsible for ensuring that the County meets its community responsibilities as set forth by Nevada Revised Statutes and County Ordinances. The primary mandates are to provide financial assistance. Social Service is also responsible for other programs and duties assigned by the Board of County Commissioners. CCSS is the single point of entry for households without children needing assistance with housing. Individuals needing assistance will be assessed for all of CCSS programs, which include services available through the Continuum of Care, as well as services throughout the community; a process known by the community as Coordinated Intake.

All CCSS services and referrals are provided based upon an assessment of need and/or program criteria.  

Click here to find out how to apply for Financial/Transportation assistance.
Click here to find out how to apply for Homemaker Services.
Click here to find out how to apply for Long Term Care assistance.
Click here to find out how to apply for Eviction Prevention and Fixed Income CHAP assistance.


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