Recorder's Office Launches Subscription-Based Recording Notification Service (RNS)

Recorder's Office Launches Subscription-Based Recording Notification Service (RNS)

The Clark County Recorder’s Office announces that it will begin offering document filing notifications to the public via the Record Notification Service (RNS). RNS is a subscriber-driven tool/service. Members of the public can sign up for the service on the Recorder’s Office website. After completing a few simple steps, subscribers will be enrolled to receive an email alert whenever a document is recorded on a specific property, name, or parcel number that may raise a concern, i.e., a mechanics lien or an IRS tax lien. Subscribers can quickly search on the Recorder’s Office website: and order a copy of the document that was recorded.

“Currently Las Vegas is in a growth mode and the Recorder’s Office processes more than a million public documents annually,” said Clark County Recorder Debbie Conway. “RNS is a tool designed to notify subscribers each time a document is recorded against a specific property, name, or parcel number. This service will be extremely beneficial to seniors who can be notified if something has been recorded against their property. Many people don’t find out a lien has been placed on their property until they sell it because they aren’t used to checking their property records.”

The Clark County Recorder’s Office collaborated with Washoe County to offer the much-anticipated service in both Northern and Southern Nevada.  Monitoring is limited to five names and parcel numbers per email address. The service will allow subscribers to respond in real-time when documents are recorded that require immediate attention. The RNS system can also be used as a monitoring mechanism to keep track of the filings of legitimate documents such as a property closing or a refinance, or even when homeowners finish paying off their mortgages.   

“In today’s world where technology is ever evolving, it is imperative that the Recording Notification Service be added to our menu of offerings. By providing this service, it is progress as promised. The RNS is an important product that we are proud to offer our constituents,” County Recorder Conway said.

The service and website are available 24 hours a day to support these inquiries.  A list of frequently asked questions regarding RNS is available on the Recorder’s website. You also may view or download this flyer with information about the program.

County Recorder Conway is known for proactively developing and delivering innovative technology solutions that enhance the customer’s experience. RNS is another example of her leadership, and the collaborative effort with Washoe County Recorder Kalie Work will improve customer service for residents in Northern and Southern Nevada. Several other statewide recorders also have implemented this service and found it to be beneficial and popular with citizens.                                                                          


Clark County is a dynamic and innovative organization dedicated to providing top-quality service with integrity, respect and accountability.  With jurisdiction over the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and covering an area the size of New Jersey, Clark is the nation’s 11th-largest county and provides extensive regional services to 2.4 million citizens and 45.6 million visitors a year (2019). Included are the nation’s 7th-busiest airport, air quality compliance, social services and the state’s largest public hospital, University Medical Center. The County also provides municipal services that are traditionally provided by cities to 1.1 million residents in the unincorporated area. Those include fire protection, roads and other public works, parks and recreation, and planning and development.



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