Burials and Cremation

Burials and Cremation

Clark County Social Service extends support by covering burial or cremation expenses for deceased indigent individuals. To qualify, those legally responsible for the disposition, in accordance with Nevada Statutes 428.070, must meet financial requirements based on household size, and the deceased must have been a resident of Clark County. Additionally, assistance is available for residents who pass away outside of Clark County, especially if they were relocated by Clark County Public (CCPG) for nursing, home placement, or hospital care.

We exclusively accept referrals from crematories, cemeteries, funeral establishments, or direct cremation facilities that are under contract with CCSS or the Clark County Public Administrator / Public Guardian office.

If you require financial assistance for burial or cremation services for a loved one, please reach out to CCSS at 702-455-4270 or explore the list of our contracted service providers provided below. Our aim is to offer compassionate support during challenging times, ensuring dignified and respectful arrangements for the departed.

Contracted Mortuaries 

Bunkers Funeral Homes (Jewish Faith Burials Only)

Davis Funeral Home

Giddens Memorial Chapel

Heritage Mortuary
King David Memorial Chapel (Jewish Faith Burials Only)

La Paloma Funeral Services

McDermott's Funeral & Cremation Services

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