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Looking for resources, need help finding a Social Service office, or simply want to ask a question about our programs?

Clark County Social Service is proud to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our website, a unique and innovative way to connect the community to information about Social Service. This AI is here to provide answers to commonly asked questions, guide you through program eligibility criteria, and connect you with community programs.

Wilma Clark is here to serve as a personal connection and FAQ guide to the Clark County community. Wilma is bilingual and can provide assistance in both English and Spanish. Click to talk to Wilma, your friendly AI assistant, and she will help you find the resources you need!



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Ask Wilma About

  • Rent and Utility Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Cremation and Burial Assistance
  • Senior Services
  • Transitional Youth (TAY)


Suggested Questions

  • What services does CCSS provide?
  • What documents will I need to provide in order to receive assistance from CCSS?
  • I am homeless, where are the local shelters?
  • I am being evicted but I don't feel that it's legal and I want to fight it, where can I go to fight the eviction?
  • Can I apply to CCSS if I am pending Social Security Disability?





Best Practices

In order to have the best experience with AI assistant Wilma Clark, here are a few quick guidelines:

    1. Space: If possible, find a nice quiet space and get comfortable. Lots of background audio will cause feedback issues and will hinder the experience.

    2. Performance: The avatar is experimental on mobile phones and may respond slowly. For a faster response, please use a computer or laptop.

    3. Connection: Ensure you have a good WiFi or cell signal connection.

    4. Hearing: Utilize headphones to get the best quality audio and so the AI can hear you more clearly via the headphones built-in microphone.

    5. Speaking: Make sure to speak clearly and enunciate well. When the AI is speaking, wait for the AI to finish its thoughts before replying.



Data Privacy

Privacy is a key component to the future of AI. You can find more information regarding data privacy and this usage on our Social Service Notice of Privacy Policy.


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