About Our Committee

About Our Committee

1-Oct-website_amedssagefromWe wish to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in this amazing effort to create a lasting memorial to remember the events of the tragedy that occurred at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Oct. 1, 2017. Since our work began in October 2020, our top priority was to seek input from families of victims, survivors, emergency responders and all those impacted about what they would like to see in a permanent memorial. We hosted monthly public meetings, conducted surveys and held focus groups to gather insight and feedback from the public. We also hosted a Call for Creative Expressions so the public could submit ideas for the memorial as part of our memorial development process. Professional teams selected to create design concepts for the memorial were asked to review all creative expression submissions to inform their proposals. In June 2023, five design teams unveiled concepts for the memorial. Each team did an amazing job creating concepts that reflected desires expressed by impacted communities throughout the course of our work. Evaluation criteria for the designs was based on priorities established in our public meetings and included design concept narrative and renderings, community outreach efforts, public response to the designs, envisioned realm of user experience, programming and the team. In July 2023 we selected the concept created by JCJ Architecture to serve as our community’s memorial. The JCJ concept ranked first in the scoring from our evaluation process. The project that ranked second in our evaluation process was created by OLIN + Andy Scott and was recommended to serve as the alternate project. With the County Commission’s acceptance of our recommendation in Sept. 2023, our work as a committee has come to a close. The County Commission will determine the next steps for moving forward with the memorial project. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve our community in this important endeavor. The memorial will be a beacon of love, hope and remembrance for generations to come and serve as a lasting tribute to the strength and resilience of our Las Vegas community.

Memorial Development Process

Winning Design Team Concept


The 1 October Memorial Advisory Committee is a seven-member group of citizens appointed to develop ideas and recommendations for a permanent 1 October Memorial that will remember those who perished in the events of 1 October 2017, honor the survivors, and the many heroes who inspired the nation with their bravery, and to celebrate the resiliency and compassion of our community.


  • To lead a process in which input and engagement from victims’ families, survivors, first responders, and community members will inform the creation of a permanent 1 October Memorial that will serve as a place to reflect on those lost and celebrate the unmatched strength of our community.
  • Recommend to the Board of County Commissioners plans for a site, design, programming and ongoing maintenance needs for a permanent memorial, as well as funding solutions.

Expectations & Commitments:

  • We respect and honor each other, the purity of each member’s intentions, their unique gifts, expertise and perspective.
  • We will be on time, prepared, present, and participate actively.
  • We will maintain an open mind and an open heart, and be unwaveringly compassionate.
  • We will achieve our mission and goals.

Bylaws (PDF)

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