Division of Air Quality

Division of Air Quality

By authority of NRS 445B.500, the Clark County Board of County Commissioners established the Department of Air Quality Management in 2001

Air Quality administers the air pollution control program for Clark County under provisions of the Clark County Air Quality Regulations

The mission of the department is to develop and implement high-quality, effective local programs to fulfill air quality regulatory requirements and address community concerns, thereby protecting the region’s quality of life while facilitating orderly growth.

Stationary source air permits, including Title V permits, are issued through the Permitting Section. 

The Compliance and Enforcement Section regulates sources of air pollutants to minimize adverse impacts on the community and environment. 

The Planning Section is responsible for preparing studies and plans to show how Clark County will comply with the national ambient air quality standards.  It also compiles and maintains the emissions inventory and conducts emissions modeling. 

The Monitoring Section is responsible for maintaining and operating the ambient monitoring network and informing the public about current air conditions.

Air Quality Mission Statement

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