Poll Workers

Poll Workers

We urgently need QUALIFIED people, especially those with
ENGLISH and SPANISH or FILIPINO (TAGALOG) language skills for
our Election Day Vote Centers and Early Voting sites throughout the County.

How to Apply

We continually recruit qualified applicants. Apply as indicated below:

  • Login to the Registered Voter Services section of our home page and select the option Apply to be a Poll Worker from the dropdown menu.

  • Print an application from our website to manually complete and mail.

  • Call (702) 455-2815 to speak to a recruiter.

Workers must attend and pass training before each election.

What Poll Workers Do, When and Where

Paid Volunteers
Poll workers serve on Election Day and/or during the 14 days of early voting. They are not full-time, permanent employees. They are essentially paid volunteers. Poll workers must meet all of the qualifications and training requirements listed below. They may work as Clerks on laptops, Voting Machine Monitors, or Polling Place Assistants.

Election Day poll workers receive $150 for the day. Early voting poll workers are paid by the hour. 

Who Can Be a Poll Worker (Qualifications)

Qualifications to Apply
All poll workers (also known as Election Board Officers) who work at Election Day Vote Centers or early voting sites must meet the requirements below.

Legal Requirements (NRS 293.217)

  • Be a registered voter.

  • Not be a candidate for nomination or election.

  • Not be a relative of a candidate for nomination or election.

Election Department Requirements and Training

  • Successfully complete the Election Department’s training.

  • Be able to perform ALL duties, including learning, understanding, and following procedures and instructions.

  • Have a professional demeanor, e.g., consistently demonstrate good judgment, communication, and people skills.

  • Work well as a team member.

  • Have access to reliable transportation.

  • Election Day workers must be able to endure the long hours of Election Day (about 14 hours) .

  • Early voting workers must be able to endure working long hours for extended periods of time (up to two weeks straight), adapt to a variable work schedule, and perform a variety of tasks and assignments.


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