Desert Breeze - Leaders of the Future

Desert Breeze - Leaders of the Future

Leaders of the Future

About the Program
LOTF-24-sitesThe Leaders of the Future program is sponsored by the Clark County Department of Parks and Recreation Department for teens 13-17 years of age. The objective of the program is to create and maintain high standards of education, character, citizenship, and skill development to meet the future leadership needs of the community. Teen Leaders will focus on service to the community, leadership development, job training, and social recreation.  

Boys and girls ages 13-17 may apply to be Teen Leaders. They must not have a history of discipline problems in Clark County programs, and must not have been suspended or expelled from school during the current school year (or the previous school year when applying for summer positions).    

Application Process
All applicants must complete, sign, and turn in the Teen Leader application, a Clark County Volunteer application, and two letters of recommendation (no family). They must then complete an interview with the Center’s Leader of the Future supervisor. Applicants will be selected based on their written application, interview performance, and availability of open positions in the program.  



Summer Nights at the Rec (Teens)


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