Clark County Fairgrounds & North County Administration
1301 West Whipple Ave., Logandale, NV. 89021
Phone: (702) 398-7480
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 327, Logandale, NV 89040

The Clark County Fairground is operated by the staff of the Clark County Parks and Recreation department. It is located in the outlaying community of Logandale, Nevada 60 miles north of urban Las Vegas. The Fairground is a 190-acre site where festivals, rodeos, family reunions, recreational shows, 4-H programs, receptions, concerts, performances and other activities can be held. The fairground is also the site of the annual Clark County Fair which draws more than 60,000 visitors during the four-day springtime event. In addition, the CCPACS North County Administration Building is conveniently located next to the main entrance to the fairgrounds. See the following for the description of each of the fairground facilities:

Administration Building
40'x50' (2,000 sq. ft.) office building which contains a public reception room with a work area, four separate offices with open space for cubicles, a small conference room, a storage room and a break room.

Ron Lewis Fine Arts Building
120'x100' (12,000 sq. ft.) open-space building which contains a kitchen area (non-commercial), rest room facilities, air conditioning and tables and chairs.

Performing Arts Building
60'x60' (3,600 sq. ft.) enclosed building which has a large restroom, meeting room, a partial kitchen and a concession area.

Plaza Area
200'x80' concrete area connected to a 60'x20' stage. this area connects to the Performing Arts Building.

Main Entrance Building
60'x60' (3,600 sq. ft.) building which includes one office, a fair board office, a maintenance room with roll-ip door, rest rooms and a breeze way which provides an easy entrance to the fairgrounds.

Wayne Newton Animal Pavilion
120'x120' (14,400 sq. ft.) enclosed pavilion with a dirt floor, evaporating cool system and lighting.

Glen Hardy Livestock Pavilion
80'x200' (16,000 sq. ft.) building with a dirt floor, evaporative cooling system, three automatic roll-up doors and a small arena with a permanent seating capacity of approximately 1,000 people.

Midway Area
Five acres of chatted gravel with approximately 100 pedestals, The pedestals have 110-volt receptacles with some having 220-volt receptacles. This area is suitable for vendors and recreation vehicles. Hose bibs are located throughout the area.

Includes a warm-up arena and a full-size rodeo arena with lights. The main area has a seating capacity of 4,500. there are numerous pens, an announcer stand, a concession building and a restroom building in this area.

Heritage Garden
A garden area with a gazebo and a small park with pathways, 110-volt receptacles and hose bibs throughout.

Turf Area
Five acres if landscaped turf area with automatic sprinkler system Enclosed parked and graveled areas Ten acres of graveled area suitable for parking or other needs. All of the above is enclosed with a 6' fence.

Sports Complex
A 40-acre parcel adjacent to the south parking lot. Phase I has been completed which includes two lighted ballfields suitable for little league or softball games. There are also four acres of turf suitable for picnicking or playing.

Open Parking
Ten acres of open parking in three separate locations around the fairgrounds for a total of 30 acres of parking, There is also approximately 1.5 acres of open asphalt parking. In addition, walk and drive-through gates are conveniently located on all sides of our facilities
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The Clark County Fair had its beginning back in 1965. Known as the Moapa Valley Fair, it was held at the Overton Community Center. Compared to the present day fair, this first fair was small in size. Nevertheless, it had all the flavor and elements of a good old county fair. From this simple beginning, the Moapa Valley Fair became an annual event. Each year new attractions were added, such as a carnival midway, junior livestock show, and a rodeo.

Throughout the seventies and early eighties, the fair took place at various locations in the community such as the local park, churches and schools. Each location lacked some key elements necessary to house the ever growing and popular fair.

In 1981 the fair committee decided to pursue a more permanent location for the fair. This committee, under the direction of Grant M. Bowler, was able to obtain 190 acres of ground in Logandale from the BLM. With a grant from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and the State Legislature construction began. Many others also contributed their resources to aide in the development of the new fairgrounds. In 1986 the Moapa Valley Fair officially changed its name to the "Clark County Fair".

By 1988, the property had been cleared and fenced. Four buildings, a rodeo arena and various landscaping had also begun to take shape. In April, although the buildings were not yet completed, the very first Clark County Fair was held. Since that time, the fair has grown rapidly. With great effort from many volunteers, new buildings, bleachers, stages and animals facilities have been added.

In 1997 due to the ever so popular Rodeo, the fair once again changed its name. Now known as the Clark County Fair & Rodeo more than 80,000 patrons come to the fair every spring.

It has been the combined work and efforts of many volunteers that have developed and managed the Fair and successfully produced an old-fashioned, family oriented fair for so many people to enjoy. With a part time staff of four, and more than 500 volunteers working together, we pledge to continue to bring this flavor and fun to each and every Fair!

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