Thomas "Detour" Evans: May 2024

Thomas "Detour" Evans: May 2024

Full Scope Workshop for May was a presentation by Thomas “Detour” Evans., Public Art Creative from Denver, Colorado. Detour covered topics about mural pricing, how to prepare for a mural project, tips on how to successfully complete a mural as a public artist, and much more.

Below if the video to the workshop:

Meet Our Speaker!

Thomas Evans, a.k.a. Detour, is full-time, Denver-based artist specializing in large scale public art for the past 10 years. Detour has created art in several different countries and has installed murals for many of the top Fortune 500 companies. His murals occupy the space at the intersection of contemporary art and community. They seek to highlight the heart and soul of the human experience and provide a unique visual representation of many authentic experiences and expressions.

Many of the subjects represented in his murals are real people that he has encountered and learned about their stories. The style that Detour execute uses splashes of bold and bright color in an abstract way while still creating a recognizable form that feels familiar with the audience. The colors that are chosen and the poses that is struck by the subject are all derived from the surroundings and personality of the community.

For more information about our May speaker, Detour, please visit their website:


Photos courtesy of Artist

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