Norie Sato : July 2021

Norie Sato : July 2021

Full Scope Professional Education Workshop - Norie Sato

flyer-fullscope-july2021-norie-satoNorie Sato, based in Seattle, creates artwork for both a studio practice and for public places. She has created individual, collaborative, design team public art projects as well as creating various public art plans for projects both large and small. She works from site and context-driven ideas first, then finds the appropriate form and materials, striving to add meaning and human touch to the built environment. She is interested in how the artwork is situated holistically within a site and environmental concerns of materials, concept, and use. She believes in working collaboratively on big picture thinking and to allow for a more seamless integration. She has worked in universities, airports, libraries, transit, city halls, convention centers, infrastructure, and parks all over the country including Seattle, Scottsdale, AZ; Ames, IA; Madison, WI:  Portland, OR; San Francisco; Miami; San Diego; for example. Her public artwork has been recognized 5 times by the Public Art Network’s Year in Review.  


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