Amy Smith : February 2023

Amy Smith : February 2023

Amy Smith : February 2023


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Full Scope Workshop for February will cover the financial well-being of artists. Guest speaker, Amy Smith, will be returning with updated information since her last workshop with us back in May of 2021. This workshop is part one of our two-part Financial Workshop for Artists. The second part will be in March covering Taxes for Artists.

Amy Smith will guide you through learning more about the barriers that often prevent artists from achieving financial well-being, as well as practical tools and tips for moving closer to (or staying in) financial well-being.  She will offer handouts and point you to resources to help navigate these challenging times.  Topics include valuing your time & negotiating for fair pay; self-employment & entity types; budgeting & taxes; credit, debt & long-term saving. 

Amy Smith (she/her) is a dance and theater artist, educator, and facilitator.  She works to dismantle oppressive structures and empower artists through financial well-being workshops, one-on-one work with artists giving financial advice and doing tax preparation, co-facilitating anti-racism sessions, and as a dance and theater educator.  Amy co-founded, co-directed, and performed with Headlong, a non-profit dance theater that has transformed into a community arts organization for over 25 years.  She left Headlong in 2019 to pursue her freelance work and now leads financial well-being workshops through Creative Capital, Assets for Artists, and in many other settings.

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