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Youth Arts Education Temporary Public Art Projects
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Eight artists are chosen to collaborate with two Parks and Recreation facilities in Clark County. They conduct workshops for youth at the facilities, incorporating the art created during the Youth workshops into a temporary installation on-site.  This initiative serves as a scholarship program, providing training for artists in workshop leadership, public art proposal creation, and art installation building.

Temporary Public Art Projects
Exhibition at Winchester Dondero


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Eight artists worked with youth at 16 Clark County recreation and cultural facilities to create temporary public art. See behind the scenes of community engagement and art education.

On view at Winchester Dondero Cultural Center through June 1.
3130 Mcleod Dr, Las Vegas, NV

Window of Compassionate Curiosity by Hue Chen and Youth from Wetlands Park and Winchester-Dondero Cultural Center

window-compassionate-curiosity-pic1  window-compassionate-curiosity-pic2   window-compassionate-curiosity-pic3

Window of Compassionate Curiosity incorporates questions written on fabric asked by children, teens, and adults about the sometimes fantastical, and sometimes philosophical, ponderings we don't often ask in the everyday. The cardboard elements of the sculpture were created during art workshops where participants came up with visual answers to the questions they generated. In its final form, the trifold standing piece becomes an interactive display. The pockets on the window panels allow viewers to insert their own questions of compassionate curiosity.

On display at Winchester Dondero Cultural Center.
Winchester Dondero Cultural Center
3130 McLeod Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89121

Desert Bloom by Karen Castaneda and Youth from Melvin Ennis Recreation Center

desert-bloom-pic1   desert-bloom-pic2   

Blooming Through the Desert is a collaborative sculpture created by children and teenagers of Melvin Ennis recreation center. Students were guided through a paper flower making workshop, resulting in the sculptures main feature. The chandelier of desert flowers is a reminder that joy, hope and resilience prevail even in harsh conditions.

On display at Melvin Ennis Recreation Center.
Melvin Ennis Recreation Center
3720 E. Carey Las Vegas, NV 89115

Tiny Village by Emily Robinson and youth from Desert Breeze Recreation Center

tiny-village-pic1jpg   tiny-village-pic2   tiny-village-pic3

For this workshop, Emily Robinson led children in creating tiny fairy houses using milk cartons and natural materials. Students' works were then turned into a tiny village.

Currently on display at Desert Breeze Community Center
Desert Breeze Community Center
8275 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Cardboard City by Emily Robinson and youth from Paradise Recreation Center

cardboard-city-pic1   cardboard-city-pic2  cardboard-city-pic3

Youth at Paradise Recreation Center’s spring break camp were instructed in how to create buildings and structures from cardboard by artist Emily Robinson. Their works were then painted and constructed by the artist into a sculpture of a cardboard city.

Currently on display at Paradise Recreation Center
Paradise Recreation Center
4775 S. McLeod., Las Vegas, NV 89121

The Rainbow Connection by Joan Paye and Youth from Helen Meyer Community Center

youtharts-helenmeyer-paye-relf-pic1   youtharts-helenmeyer-paye-relf-pic2   youtharts-helenmeyer-paye-relf-pic3

The Rainbow Connection, mixed media collage paper hearts created with youth by Joan Paye, invited participants to examine how we youth see the world. Inspired by the rare occasion of rainbow sighting, this workshop explores how rainbows allow us to see the colors of sunlight that are always here, we just don't see them until the perfect conditions of nature allow us that vision. In the making of this Rainbow Connection, we simply set the stage for each maker to jump into a unique color of the rainbow and fill their heart with the things that make their hearts happy.

Currently on display at Helen Meyer Community Center until March 26.
Helen Meyer Community Center
4525 New Forest Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89147 

Community Tent by Emily Relf and youth from Cambridge Recreation Center

youtharts-helenmeyer-paye-relf-pic4   youtharts-helenmeyer-paye-relf-pic5   youtharts-helenmeyer-paye-relf-pic6   youtharts-helenmeyer-paye-relf-pic7

For this workshop, Emily Relf led participants to create cyanotypes based on family stories, which the children illustrate. They shared special family memories with each other while engaging in conversation. Illustrations were used to create transparent sheets to illustrate their family memory. After the print is rinsed, the green turns blue and their image is revealed!

Currently on display at Cambridge Recreation Center until March 29.
Cambridge Recreation Center
3900 Cambridge St, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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