Lone Mountain Regional Park Sculpture

Lone Mountain Regional Park Sculpture

Lone Mountain Regional Park Sculpture

“Wanna Play?”  is a sculpture created by Peter Hazel. Peter fell in love with the wonders of the sea and nature growing up in the picturesque community of Half Moon Bay, California. As a child, he attended art shows with his father, Richard Hazel, a well-known oil painter. After leaving Half Moon Bay, Peter lived and raised a family in North Lake Tahoe where he had a career as a tile contractor for 35 years. Peter’s collection invites you to interact and admire the beauty of modern art and sculpting using ceramics, colorful glass, steel, and carpentry. The outdoor installation “Wanna Play?” is commissioned and funded by the board of Clark County Commissioners through park bonds funding and the country arts plan. The untamed stallion and playful puppy in this large-scale exhibit represent the wild, free, and fun spirit of Las Vegas.

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The Lone Mountain Dog Park features three separate fenced areas with plenty of room for dogs to run and explore. Shade structures with picnic tables provide a break from the sun and heat. The park also features one of the best equestrian areas in the valley, and people often take their horses around and a trail that circles Lone Mountain. There is an abundance of recreational areas within the area, including Lone Mountain Discovery Park, which is a green space with a roller hockey rink, basketball, tennis courts, and a picnic area. Majestic Park, a full-service softball facility with 12 playing fields. Trigono Hills Park, a 6.5-million-dollar recreational facility, which opened in the spring of 2020 and is located Cliff Shadows Parkway at Gilmore Avenue. 


“Wanna Play?” by Peter Hazel at the Lone Mountain Dog Park

You can visit the sculpture at the Lone Mountain Dog Park on 4445 N. Jensen St., Las Vegas, NV 89129.

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