Winchester Theater

Winchester Theater


Seating Capacity:  199
Parking:  Approximately 140
Electricity:  Standard 110 outlets, 200 Amp/three phase company switch (camlock connection).
Stage:  Proscenium-style, approximately 37’ wide, 14’ high at proscenium. Stage depth is approximately 33’, wing spaces are approximately 5’ stage right and 8’ stage left . Main Curtain is Austrian style/black, Three black leg curtains, stage right and stage left. Upstage option of black curtain or white cyclorama. 
Lighting:  ETC ION XE console, Strand dimmer rack, Anti-Proscenium = approximately 17 ETC Source Fours (LED retrofit), 1st Electric = Six Chauvet COLORado 2-Quad Zooms, Six ETC ColorSource Spots, 2nd Electric = Six Chauvet COLORado 2-Quad Zooms, Six ETC ColorSource Spots, Floor based upstage cyclorama lights = Six A.C. Lighting Chroma-Q Color Force II 72 Battens. AP and both electrics are dead hung, there is no fly space. One Altspot 1,000 watt spotlight.
Sound System:  FOH; Midas M32 console, ClearCom communication system between booth and stage, Listen Assisted Listening system. Speakers; QSC self-powered, full-range stereo array, QSC self-powered subwoofers (under stage), Monitors; Six QSC self-powered K12s. Mic package that includes Shure SM58s, SM57s, (Beta and traditional) SM81s, and ULX-D wireless mics (handheld and lavalier), AKG D112s, and C214s, Radial Pro DIs and miscellaneous mic stands. 
Backstage:  Two dressing rooms, one men’s restroom, one women’s restroom, two large make up/dressing areas with sinks, mirrors and vanity lighting. It is possible to route show audio backstage for cues, etc.
Additional:  Kawai 6’4” Grand piano, 12 music stands, music stand lights, 12 orchestra style chairs, Epson LED projector, 12’x8’ movable movie screen, Lectern, Eight 4’x4’ risers, adjustable legs. ADA lift from house floor to stage on stage left.
winchester-theater-onstage winchester-theater-open-dressing-area theater-dressingrooma winchester-theater-dressing-room-2
View from onstage Open dressing area Dressing Room A  Dressing Room B

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