Amphitheater Rates

Amphitheater Rates

Government Center Amphitheater Rates

PLEASE NOTE: The Amphitheater will only be available for rentals on Saturdays & Sundays.

Community Use is defined as exclusive use for private gatherings such as birthday parties, picnics, and meetings or events that are not open to the public and where admission for entry and/or participation fees are not being charged. Anything outside of this definition will be subject to standard commercial rate fee. Holiday weekends will be excluded from any Community Rate options.

(Excludes Holiday Weekends)


$1,600 Base Rental Per Day $4,400 Base Rental Per Day 
$800 Base Rental Per Set/Strike Day $2,200 Base Rental Per Set/Strike Day
Base rental includes one (1) County staff for eight (8) hours for site supervision; User is responsible for staff costs over eight (8) hours or for additional staff. User will be required to pay for professional cleaning service and bonded security. Department theater technicians must be present during use of County power on stage. User must pay rate of $22/hour for first eight (8) hours and $33/hour overtime.  Stagehands are $25/hour for eight (8) hours and $37.50/hour overtime.  User will be invoiced for these charges.  
Vendor Fees $50/non-profit; $100/commercial - per vendor
Alcohol Sales County will retain 25 percent (25%) of the net beverage sales. Expenses include cost of labor, ice, cups and 15 mixes. This payment is due and payable within five days following the event.


Equipment Rate
Stage Truss Roof Cover $300/Day
Community Sound System Package (QSC on stands) $900/day plus staff costs
Standard Sound System Package (JBL VRX including flyware) $2000/day plus staff costs
Basic Lighting Package $750/day plus staff costs
Intel Lighting Package (Basic + Intel Moving Lights) $1500/day plus staff costs
Wireless LED Lighting $500/day
LED Video Wall (Video Wall + Rigging) $3300/day plus staff costs
Video Mapping Projector $3000/day plus staff costs
Rolling Risers (up to 2 - 4'x8'x12") $150/day each plus staff costs
A-Frame Sign Holders (24'x36') $20/event each
Ped Rail Barricades $10/event each

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