Canceled Voter Data

Canceled Voter Data


If you believe you were canceled in error, first verify you are not registered by checking the “Registered Voter Services” program on this website or by contacting the Election Department at (702) 455-8683.

After the November 8, 2022, General Election, in accordance with rules established in the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, the registration records of 60,740 inactive voters were canceled. These records were canceled because these individuals were placed on "Inactive" status prior to the 2020 General Election and have not voted since that time.

The Data

This file is updated every Monday morning of each week. All data file formats are ASCII, comma-delimited text and compressed using a self-extracting compression utility (see the post-download instructions). This file format will allow you to import the data into any standard database utility, but due to the size of the files, it is not recommended that you try and import them into a spreadsheet application. Please review the following files to help you better understand the data file layout and how to work with the data once downloaded:

After you have reviewed the above information files, download the actual data files:


Information contained in the following file is based upon careful interpretation of data recorded from the Voter Registration form and is not guaranteed to be 100-percent accurate. The maximum size in megabytes (MB) is provided to ensure your computer has sufficient disk space and to help estimate approximate download time based on your Internet connection speed.

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