Victim Compensation

Victim Compensation

If you or someone close to you were injured or threatened with injury in a violent crime, the State of Nevada Victims of Crime Program (VOCP) may help pay certain crime-related expenses.  In Clark County, The District Attorney's Office works closely with VOCP to provide verification service, which means victims receive streamlined assistance in the processing of state victim compensation claims.  VOCP can work with our Victim Witness Advocates to assist victims and their families with claims.


The application for Crime Victim Compensation can be found here: Application and Instructions (  A fully completed, signed application is required before VOCP assistance can be approved.  Incomplete and unreadable applications will not be considered.  The application must be completed in black or blue ink.  Do not use pencil.  You can e-mail your completed forms to Email:

Or mail, fax to:
6171 W. Charleston Blvd., Building 9
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Fax: (702) 458-5586

NOTE: An application cannot be approved unless the crime was reported to the police or other proper authority.  A Police report should be provided with the application whenever possible. 

If an applicant is unable to obtain an official police report, they may submit the application without a police report and the VOCP will attempt to obtain a report for the applicant.  If the VOCP is unable, after written request, to obtain a police report based on the information provided in the application, the application will be denied. 

Contact State of Nevada Victim of Crime Program at (702) 486-2740 or by Email:  to assist with your questions regarding claims.

To be eligible for compensation, a person must be a victim of a qualifying crime involving physical injury or death.  For certain crimes, emotional injury alone is enough to qualify.  Certain family members and loved ones who suffer an economic loss from an injury to, or death of, a victim of a crime may also be eligible for compensation.  There are limits on how much can be paid for each crime related expense. Here are some examples of covered expenses:

  • Crime scene clean up
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Home or vehicle modifications for victims who became disabled
  • Medical and dental treatment
  • Income loss
  • Mental health services
  • Relocation
  • Residential security

*All expenses are subject to rates and limitations set by Nevada Victims of Crime Program.  See Victims of Crime ( for more information on eligibility.

Per the following Nevada Revised Statutes, each County in Nevada must oversee and pay $1,000 in counseling for approved sexual assault victims.  Clark County’s program is administered by the District Attorney’s Victim Witness Assistance Center. 

Application procedure for counseling and/or additional medical treatment through the victim witness assistance center of the Clark County District Attorney’s office is as follow:

Upon receipt of the application VWAC shall review all applications and supporting information for counseling and medical treatment that the following requirements have been satisfied:

1) The applicant is a victim of sexual assault, spouse, or the parent or guardian of such a victim.
2) The sexual assault occurred in Clark County.
3)  The victim requires medical treatment for physical injuries, or the victim or spouse has suffered emotional trauma as a result of the sexual assault.
4)  A crime report has been filed with the appropriate law enforcement agency.
5) The application for treatment is made within sixty days after the date of the sexual assault; or the sexual assault was reported to the police within three days after its occurrence, or, if the offense could not reasonably have been reported within that period, within three days after the time when a report could reasonably have been made; and
6) The person treating or counseling the victim of sexual assault or the victim’s spouse has determined that the counseling or medical treatment is required because of the sexual assault. 

Please contact Victim Witness Assistance Center for application at (702) 671-2525.

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