Court Attendance Information

Court Attendance Information

When called to testify, a witness should dress neatly and conservatively for court; no shorts, tank tops, or clothing with offensive language or designs or victim photos. Talk to your assigned advocate if you have any questions about what is appropriate for court.

Victims and witnesses are entitled to a witness fee if subpoenaed to court, and under certain circumstances, payment or reimbursement for costs of travel. At the time of appearance, a witness will receive a $25.00 witness fee and mileage reimbursement via mail in form of a check in accordance with NRS 50.225.


If you are a witness and have been served a subpoena, you must call the number indicated on your subpoena after 5:00 p.m. the day before court to verify that you are needed as a witness in the case. If you hear the defendant’s name in your case mentioned, you must appear.

For general rules on testifying in court, click here

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