How does Child Support Work?

How does Child Support Work?

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Child Support is payments that one parent makes to the child’s other parent or legal guardian to help with the costs of raising the child. Parents and guardians can receive services from their local child support office.

The process begins when you apply for child support services or when your local child support office receives a referral from another public assistance program. Then your local child support office works to find the other parent, legally formalize parentage, set the order, and route the collected funds to the parent owed support.

Every state is different, so contact your local child support office to learn more about the process as it applies to your case. Our Handbook provides more information on how child support works.

The Clark County District Attorney - Family Support Division's Child Support Office Provides following Services:

Open a Child Support Case

Locate the Other Parent

Establish Parentage

Establish a Support Order

Set Up Payments

Enforce the Support Order

Review or Modify the Order

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