Records Retention

Records Retention


The Department of Building & Fire Prevention along with Clark County’s Administrative Guideline 14, recognizes that Nevada Public Records Law
(NRS 239.010-239.055) gives members of the public and media the right to inspect and copy certain public records maintained by the Department.

The Department also recognizes that certain records maintained by the Department are exempt from public disclosure, or that disclosure
may require balancing the right of the public to access the records against individual privacy rights, governmental interests, confidentiality
issues and attorney/client privilege.
Clark County Building & Fire Prevention Records is currently destroying all documents following the Nevada Administrative Code 239 and the
Nevada Revised Statutes 239 guidelines for document destruction. Our present vendor for document destruction is Opportunity Village.

NAC 239.155 Disposal of public record restricted; procedures for proposal and adoption
of schedules for retention of public records.
(NRS 239.125, NRS 378.255)
NAC 239.165 Destruction of confidential records, electronic records and copies of
(NRS 239.125, NRS 378.255)
NAC 239.711 Destruction of non records.
(NRS 378.255, NRS 378.280)

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