Sample Letters

Sample Letters

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Building Permit Issuance
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Extension Request for Issued Permits Sample Letters
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Withdrawal Sample Letters

Extension Request for an Issued Permit 
The permit applicant shall request the extension in writing no more than 30 days prior to the expiration of the issued permit. The request will include a $55 processing fee and shall establish good cause for the delay in the progress of the work. 
  • Exceptions:
    • Structures located at elevations above 5,000 feet are granted 365 days to commence work or suspend work before the permit shall expire.
    • Annual facility permits and permits for billboards, temporary signs, stockpiles, temporary power poles, ATS, and cellular towers are not eligible for an extension, and new permit application submission is required. 
    • Approved phased design application shall not be required to meet the 180-day time period.

Withdrawal Request
Plans submitted for review can be withdrawn prior to permit issuance; upon the request in writing from the registered design professional, the contractor that prepared the plans or the owner of record. The balance of plan review fees, including zoning and any applicable hourly fees shall be paid prior to approving the request.

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