State and Local Agencies

State and Local Agencies

City of Las Vegas Fire Department
If you are planning any special effects (pyrotechnics within the City of Las Vegas) you will need permits and inspections within the City of Las Vegas. You will want to talk to the City Fire Department. David Klein (702) 229-0366.

City of Las Vegas - Public Works
Planning to film in the City of Las Vegas? Then a City of Las Vegas Film Permit Application must be completed for all commercial filming activities within the incorporated limits of the City of Las Vegas. Contact the Film and Right of Way (ROW) Events section at (702) 229-6276.

Clark County Fire Department
Under the direction of Fire Chief Bertral Washington, the Clark County Fire Department welcomes all of you involved in the film industry. The sophisticated process of creating film productions requires special attention in many areas. Our Fire Prevention Bureau looks forward to assisting you in any way we can to facilitate the completion of your project. There are many aspects of service that we will provide when you need us. Issues involving fire or fire safety concerns such as special effects, pyrotechnics, fire permits, and inspections will be areas where our involvement will be readily available. If you would like to find out further information, please contact Deputy Fire Marshal Donna Starkes at (702) 455-7316. We look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely, Donna Starkes

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department - Special Events Section
This office is staffed with five Commissioned Police Officers, Lt. Jason Letkiewicz, Sergeant Bob Kroll and three polices officers. In addition, there are two civilian Special Event Coordinators Serena Serrano and CC Rodriguez. This office handles and coordinates all reimbursable overtime for Police Officers as requested by various venues in the City of Las Vegas, Clark County and the State of Nevada. We work closely with groups that require Special Event and Film Permits to provide staffing and permit approvals. We also have jurisdiction for traffic control at Valley of Fire State Park and the Red Rock Conservation Area, operated by the Bureau of Land Management. You may contact me directly, Lt. Jason Letkiewicz, at (702) 828-3442 for additional information regarding office hours and expense for police services.

Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
When filming impacts State Highways or State maintained roads or sidewalks, Kent Sears is the Traffic Engineer in charge. NDOT requires film companies to fill out and comply with the Application and Permit for Temporary Occupancy. Once you get all the appropriate signatures for approval, you can fax the completed two-page form to NDOT at (702)385-6511. If you have any questions regarding policies or this permit, contact Kent Sears at (702) 385-6500.

The Fremont Street Experience
To find out about how the Fremont Street Experience (entertainment category) can be part of your next project, please call Esther Purcell (702) 678-5724. Complete information on guidelines, permits, fee structures, and a standard Fremont Street Experience Location Agreement is available. 

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