Jan. 2020 - (Adopted Ordinance) Mobile Billboard Businesses

Jan. 2020 - (Adopted Ordinance) Mobile Billboard Businesses

New Adopted Ordinance About the Licensing of Mobile Billboard Businesses in Unincorporated Clark County
Dated: Jan. 2020
Phone: 702-455-6562

Please be notified of Adopted Ordinance to Clark County Code, Title 7, by adding a new chapter 7.95 for Mobile Billboard Businesses.  

Read the Adopted Ordinance creating a new chapter for Mobile Billboard Businesses, providing for the licensure of mobile billboard businesses; establishing operating requirements; providing for business license fees; providing for suspension, revocation or non-renewal of a business license for noncompliance and penalties; and to amend Section 14.10.010 of the Clark County Code to allow mobile billboards to display animation in certain areas of the County.

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